Black Lightning Software

Gameplay Preview:

This is a game I made in 2002. It uses OpenGL and GLUT and was originally programmed on a 16 bit OS. I programmed it in C++, wrote and produced the music, and designed all the textures. It has been upgraded to 32 bit and I have been able to run it on Windows 10. To install it, just unzip the the file to a folder and double click the spacemafia.exe file. I look forward to updating this game to a modern game engine. All rights reserved © 2016 Patrick McClellan.

The Story:

You are a young space man named Manebo. Join the space maffia by completing their tasks. With the help of your girlfriend Lycanothrina cruise through space dodging aliens and space ships and see if you can become part of the Space Maffia!

Genre: Action
Game Play: Sidescroller
Levels: 4 Levels with 4 stages each

Screenshots: (click to enlarge)