Black Lightning Software

Gameplay Preview:

Download the Demo (Play the full tutorial level)


The Story:

When I was a young island boy I had a girlfriend named Lena. One day a mysterious group of people arrived here in Paradise Cove who called themselves the Grand Mystics. They were rumored to have great wealth and intelligence. They presented a challenge to all the people of the islands. When Lena's father successfully hid a treasure of thiers he passed the challenge. In return they took him and his family with them. I had no choice in the matter and before I knew it Lena was gone. When I grew up, I realized Lena was my true love. I have decided to find her but first I need a place to start. Perhaps the treasure that was hidden...

Genre: Adventure / Action / Puzzle
Game Play: 3rd Person / 1st Person
Levels: 9 + 1 Tutorial
Pilot ships
fight pirates
find treasure
find swords and guns
save the girl.

Screenshots: (click to enlarge)